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  • Spring rolls
  • Shepherd salad

Mediterranean Cuisine

About us

Have a seat and enjoy the beginning part of the journey that started over the Turkish coasts of the Mediterranean sea a long time ago. The coasts which touch the salty water and feel the wind of the Mediterranean sea, shared the same culture, same values and same food for centuries. The beautiful culture here resulted in the most delicious food.

Akdeniz means, "Mediterranean Sea" in Turkish.

In 2004, Akdeniz opened its doors to people who love good food in New York City and always seeked to provide authentic Mediterranean and Turkish experience for beloved customers, with fresh and healthy meals.

Located on 46th Street close to Times Square, AKDENIZ offers Mediterranean cuisine- the most cosmopolitan cuisine- in a vibrant and vivacious ambiance. Our modern decor infused with aspects of traditional Mediterranean cuisine's culture provides the most enjoyable dining experience. The welcoming atmosphere at AKDENIZ allows everyone to have a taste of the Mediterranean coasts in a sensational way.

Enjoy our wide variety of seafood and meats and our house specials. Visit us and enjoy your meal in the perfect setting for wonderfully delicious Mediterranean Cuisine.